The Who’s Who on Hiring Help on Your Wedding Day

There are a million and one tasks to finish just so you can have your perfect dream wedding. The thing is, you might not have the skills and time required to manage everything since you’re the bride after all. If you’re still unclear on whom to hire for this auspicious event, consider the following job description briefs:

Wedding Planner

This individual can be with you from the start of your wedding conceptualization to the time of your actual matrimonial event. A planner can practically handle everything from A to Z, while advising you on how to make your wedding even grander. They also have their own set of suppliers and contacts that can offer discounted rates, making it easier to stay within your allotted budget. Keep in mind, though, that you would also have to pay them their fees and the good ones aren’t all that cheap.

Wedding Designer

They would be in charge of the aesthetics of your Denver wedding, from the venue and reception even to your outfit and makeup. A wedding designer will most likely be more visible in the last few weeks of your preparations and would be fully functional before the actual ceremony itself. You’ll see them rigging up the venue decoration and overseeing the other visual aspects of the wedding a few days before the event.

Wedding Coordinator

The coordinator is more focused on the logistics and management of the day itself. Though they may be around only a month before the wedding, they’re more into coordinating the ins and outs of the wedding and reception than planning for all the other aspects of your special occasion. They relieve the bride of worrying about details on the day itself, so she can focus on enjoying her wedding.

Choose depending on your skills, time, and current workload so you can be the glowing bride that you should be. After all, it’s your special day, which is priceless for you and your partner. Just remember to choose according to reputation instead of just affordability.