Three SEO tips for optimizing voice search

Man Using Internet Voice Search Technology On Mobile Phone

Speed in the digital world has really changed. With the invention of digital assistants, people can use their voice to search the internet. This preference for voice search has changed the search engine optimization strategies. In fact, it is expected that more than 50% of the searches by the next five years will be voice-based. For this reason, optimizing your website for voice search will put you steps ahead of the competition. Here are three pointers from marketing and design expert Sievers Creative on how to climb to the top of the SERPs.

Make your website mobile friendly.

Your site ought to be mobile friendly especially when it comes to voice search. Research has proved that mobile phones are developing higher search traffic than desktops are. Furthermore, it makes more sense to voice search while using your phone instead of a desktop. By being mobile friendly, your site will also get to maximize traffic. Be sure to increase the loading speed of your website on mobile devices.

Make it easy for people to find you.

In most cases when people use voice search, they are looking for a faster way to get somewhere. They will talk about terms like “near me.” Adding a specific location to your business content will make your site easy to search through search engines. Also, make sure that your site is registered in the top-ranked search sites.

Work with conversation phrases.

Voice search is different from typed searches since people tend to search using their normal conversational tones. Conversational content will make your site easily discoverable. When creating your content, think about how your potential customer will say something while searching for it. Since the use of questions is a tendency in voice search, using words like ‘where,’ ‘who’ and ‘what’ will help optimize your website for voice search.

The SEO world is changing. The earlier you can change your content strategy, the better. Use the above tips and get to improve your ranking through voice search.