To Reroof or Not to Reroof: That is the Question


roofingThere is nothing more romantic than stargazing, but it’s bothersome when you can see the stars and the night sky while inside your house, because your roof is full of holes and falling apart.

A company that will do Perth roof repairs will easily come to your rescue. You have to decide, then, whether it be to repair or to replace your roof, says Permacoat.

Patch Leaks or Reroof?

The first step is to see whether patching damaged areas and leaks will solve the problem, or if a partial or entire reroofing is necessary. For the latter, ask if you need to place another roof over the other, or to remove it completely and place a new one.

Will Repairs Make Sense?

Roof repairs are easier and cheaper to do. A repair is acceptable if most of the roof is still sound; perhaps you merely need to place roofing mastic or to roof over some parts.

Nonetheless, if your roofing is 15-20 years old, you can just repair the roof rather than replacing it. Damages caused by fallen limbs and wind damage will require repairs rather than replacement.

Time for Partial Reroofing

The roofing company may also suggest that you do partial reroofing, especially if there’s more significant damage but only found on one area of the roof.

This is a good option if you are staying for a few years, but if the home is a permanent residence up until the foreseeable future, then go for other options. Reroofing is more expensive if based on a cost per square basis.

Starting All Over

To replace the entire roof rather than having repairs, then you have to consider weather and other issues in picking out the materials used. Shingles made of wood and asphalt are not fire-resistant, a knowledge of particular import to people who live near dry brush and trees. Instead, go for metal, tile and slate; they may be more expensive, but they provide additional protection against fire.

Take note though that tile and slate are heavy materials. Determine if your framing can support them; roofing experts can help you determine the structural integrity of your frame.

Fixing the roof comes with expenses, but will benefit you in the long run. Doing it right will stop you from worrying when harsh winds blow, and will assure you that the only time you’ll see the stars is when you choose to stargaze.

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