Trade Show Done Right: The Cost of Success

Trade ShowsTrade shows are exhibitions held by companies in a specific industry. They feature new products and services, and build a tight network in your niche market. Exhibiting at trade shows is an excellent way to engage with your customers and grow your business. According to a study, 86% of trade show attendees are decision makers of other businesses.

It can be expensive to present in this event, but most companies are willing to spend a huge budget to participate in trade shows. Taking the spotlight in trade shows does not necessarily require enormous funds, though. Proper planning can cut your trade show cost without sacrificing the marketing impact.

It’s All about the Booth

Today’s trade shows demand grand booth designs that can easily cost thousands of dollars to plan and construct. Renting a pre-constructed trade show booth is a great alternative to minimize the cost. A rented booth pays only a fraction of the cost to build one. Your company would not have to worry about the associated costs of new booths, such as long-term storage, shipping fees and insurance.

New booths constructed from light-weight, high-strength materials are less expensive to ship and also have a more modern look. Smash Hit Displays says that the golden rule of any show exhibit is to grab attention within three seconds or less.

Spend Less with Local Staff

Travel can add up to the expenses quickly, along with flights, accommodation, food and transportation. Thus, flying with your team may consume an entire budget. Contracting local staff from an agency will control this cost.  Many staffing and modeling agencies employ people specializing in sales and promotions. Training sessions for these hired staff should be top priority before the launch or event. This would make sure they can represent your company and product well.

Draw out your creativity to stretch your budget. A terrific trade show marketing is possible even on tight finances. You can mix your advertising and marketing scheme with the company’s personality. This will communicate the vision of the business and capture the attention of the right people.