Traditional Vs. Online Advertising – What Works Best?

Advertising Agency in Sandusky

Advertising Agency in SanduskyTraditional marketing and digital marketing both have their own sets of pros and cons. However, choosing which type of marketing you should adopt for your business boils down to determining your market and your budget.

Wondering about the type of advertising your business should take is a common dilemma. This is so true especially when you start looking at the marketing strategies of your competitors, leaving you with a whole lot of questions than answers. So what type of marketing should you employ, traditional advertising or online advertising?

Identify Your Market

Before you research the dust-filled crypts of the local library as to what type of advertising will benefit your business, the first thing you may have to do is to identify your market. What type of customers are you targeting? Does your product cater to seniors, whom some of them might not have the chance to learn the ropes of the Internet, or does it appeal to the younger generation? By identifying your market, you will then figure out what type of advertising would work best in reaching out to them.

Know Your Budget

Think about this, while advertising will do so much in attracting potential customers for your business, it must not cripple your business’ finances. Each type of advertising will have its own costs. If you would go for the traditional newspaper advertising in Sandusky, then check with the company how much will it cost to place your ads. The same goes if you will choose online advertising. If you have the budget for it, then go full blast and use both traditional and online advertising, as both will be able to cover more grounds.

What Experts Say

Sticking to traditional advertising may be good, but it may have reduced ability in expanding your business’ reach especially if your goal is to go global, an expert from said. Online advertising offers your business far greater exposure as it will have the tendency to be seen in the world, and can even go viral. On the other hand, since traditional advertising, particularly newspaper advertising, comes in second to digital advertising, it is still one good source of income stream in terms of customer generation, says News Watch.

If you want to have the widest reach ever, going for both traditional and digital advertising is the best way to go. Both cover different kinds of audiences, all of which make good potential customers. So if you have the budget, go for both traditional and digital marketing.