Treat the Kids, Treat Yourself: A Family Holiday at Sentosa

Mother and her children set to go on a family holiday adventure

Hats off to all parents who work hard, day and night, to provide for the family. While you do your best for the children to live comfortably, do not forget that you also deserve nothing less than the best. During the June school holidays, plan a memorable vacation that the entire family can enjoy.

You do not have to go far for an epic family adventure, because Sentosa can make the holiday exciting and relaxing for everyone. The leisure destination is one of Singapore’s favourites. It features a variety of activities the Sentosa Fun Pass can make accessible to you and the children.

Glide Through Sentosa with Segway Eco-Adventure

If you are planning to enter the island early in the morning, you might have to wait a few hours before the sun shines in full glory. Why not start the day peacefully with a Segway® guided tour?

Effortlessly maneuver around the relaxing island resort and admire the morning’s beauty. Let a guided scenic tour take you through the history of Fort Siloso along with the iconic Merlion. Glide past Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong beaches in Sentosa, all within 2.5-hours without breaking a sweat. Better yet, enjoy the best spots to hideaway in Sentosa’s beaches before the crowd starts to come in.

Ride the Waves at Wave House Sentosa

Though Singapore has long been a crossroads for surfers seeking the perfect waves at neighbouring Southeast Asian beaches, the legendary island itself lacks the giant waves that attract surfers. The centrepiece of Wave House Sentosa “The Wave” – a fully-flowing, FlowBarrel® sheet wave is Singapore’s answer to rival the surfer beaches in S.E.A.

Approximately a roaring, 10-foot wave when cranked to full, you and your family can enjoy exhilarating wave rides while cooling off from the sweltering temperatures at noon. Simply purchase a Fun Pass in Sentosa Online Store and gain access to Wave House Sentosa along Siloso Beach.

Experience Mega Adventure Park

If surfing isn’t your thing, consider spending the afternoon at Mega Adventure Park, a park surround by Eucalyptus trees which reduce mental fatigue and increases one’s energy through its crisp scent. The main feature of the park is a challenging yet safe high rope adventure course around the towering Eucalyptus trees. It also features a zip line, a leap point and a climbing wall. Ideal for the nature lover who also craves adventure.

Rediscover Singapore’s Roots through the Sentosa Merlion

The entire world knows that the Merlion is a symbolic guardian for Singaporeans. The creature guards the country’s prosperity. Cap off the holiday trip with a visit to the larger-than-life Sentosa Merlion, allowing you and your children alike to rediscover the country’s roots.

Set foot in the Merlion’s mouth to get up close and personal with the legend. Standing at 60 metres above sea level, you will actually get to see a 360-degree commanding view of Singapore in the perspective of the Guardian of Prosperity.

Never run out of activities and attractions to explore this June school holiday only at Sentosa. Get your tickets now at the Online Store to enjoy exclusive deals and promotions.