Types of Attached Greenhouses

Woman gardening in greenhouse

Getting a greenhouse comes with numerous benefits that are unavailable with outdoor farming. These include protection from harsh weather elements and provision of an optimal environment for plant growth. Various factors will influence your choice of a greenhouse.

Among the critical elements is its structure. Attached greenhouses are currently the best-selling greenhouses for manufacturers such as Conservatory Craftsmen. These share different sections with your existing property. Here are the common types of attached greenhouses.

Window-mounted Greenhouses

These are built into the window frames of your home and typically face south.  They allow you to harvest your plants right from the comfort of your house and can lower your heating bills since they let solar heat flow into your home. However, window-mounted greenhouses have the least space of all greenhouses.

Lean-to Greenhouses

These greenhouses lean against existing buildings and use one or more of the building’s sides for their structure. Lean-to greenhouses may be of any length, but their width is typically limited to 12 feet. They are easily accessible when attached to houses and have lower heating and cooling expenses since they use electricity and water from the primary structure. They are also inexpensive but have limited space and light.

Attached Even-span Greenhouses

These closely resemble lean-to greenhouses, but they are connected to your structure at only one gable end. Rather than depend on the primary structure’s roof, attached even span greenhouses have a separate symmetrical roof. These greenhouses have considerable space and light but are the most expensive attached greenhouses.

From the given options, you can now appreciate that you need not have substantial land and cash to own a greenhouse. Attached greenhouses were typically only made of glass in the past but can now be made of rigid polycarbonate glazing panels. The substitution of glass with polycarbonate significantly lowers the cost of your greenhouse.