Types of Lip Augmentation Procedures

a woman with soft and luscious lips

Lip augmentation has been around for many years now. It is a cosmetic surgery procedure that gives you plumper lips. Injectable dermal filler has been most common, but there are other procedures that you can have done to have the same effect. Typically, the dermal filler is injected into your lips.

While the most common fillers are products with hyaluronic acid, City Skin Clinic in London states that you can get other lip fillers depending on your preference or the advice of your doctor.

The fillers, regardless of type, work by adding shape, structure, and volume to your lips. If you had rather not work with injections, there are other options to get your lips fuller.

Autologous Fat

If you want a longer lasting result without any risk of injection, this is one way to go. Normally, the surgeon removes fat from another part of your body and uses it to fill your lips. The body eventually absorbs back the fat so you may need further treatments to continue the result. The risk of this procedure is that it can cause scarring or lumps in some situations.


This is one procedure that has had heated debates among plastic surgeons from different regions. It uses material donated from a cadaver tissue. This material integrates with the patient’s body as a kind of implant that the body cannot reject. It leaves the patient’s lips pliable and feeling natural.


Much like the Alloderm, this procedure uses skin from the patient’s body, and there is no risk of rejection. Your tissue supply can be processed and stored for up to five years, and so you get the procedure or touchups as it suits you.

A youthful mouth will show close to 2mm of teeth when you relax your mouth. Over time, the upper lip can expand to cover the teeth or retract inside to look thinner. Then, you can run to lip augmentation and get a solution that will work just right.