Understanding Acupuncture for Back Pain

Understanding Acupuncture

Understanding Acupuncture in DenverBack pain has been a shared condition that a recorded 75 to 85% of Americans experience it, too. That is approximately 31 million individuals. As more people dismiss the discomfort for a mere recurring symptom or minor condition, back pain is one of the world’s leading causes of disability.

Its reoccurrence and major prevalence in the country has amounted to at least $50 billion annually, as more than 80% of the population is expected to experience back problems at least once in their lives. This includes identification and treatments.

With more people expected to experience back pain, the Denver Integrated Spine Center is one with trusted establishments in offering effective treatments, a rising method for which is acupuncture.

Despite its traditional approach, the following reasons have made acupuncture an effective way to treat and relieve back pain.

Promotes Hormonal Production

Opioids are natural chemicals in the body that reduces pain and promotes sleep. Acupuncture’s needles touch on nerves that directly send signals to the brain to produce and release more of this chemical through the production of certain hormones.

Stimulates Trigger Points

The needles target the hormones and nerves in the spine and provide an immediate response through the help of the Gate Control Theory of Pain, where pain receptors are manipulated as they are transmitted to the brain.

Provides Muscle Relaxation

There are only two components of back pain that need addressing; these are the spine and the muscles. Acupuncture touches on nerves that can aid in loosening up and relaxing stressed muscles that may be causing the pain.

More often than not, these muscles are contracted for too long and stiffen that lead to cramps or pulled muscles, resulting in unbearable pain or discomfort.

With more rising alternative methods to treat back pain, it is important to understand them first. With the mentioned approach of acupuncture, determine whether or not it addresses your need and requirements for back pain relief.