Using Smart Technology and Designs for the Modern Pool

Swimming pool construction

Homeowners not only want to have a pool where they can entertain family and friends, but they also want one that’s easy to clean and maintain. Impressions Landscape, a custom landscape company in Salt Lake City, notes that many homeowners now consider maintenance trends when having a pool built in their property. There are already a lot of technological innovations that can meet customer demands.

The Smart Pool

Intelligent design has come to extend to a lot of things. These include smart houses and AI. And pools are no exception. Smart technology has allowed for intelligent and automated pool chemistry management. These systems include an integrated automated pH management system, with variable speed pumps, along with oxidizers and sanitizers. This has made it relatively easy to have a continuously monitored low maintenance system that provides affordable care 24/7.

Chlorine-free pools are also available with the use of UV and ozone hydroxyl-based systems. These are proven technology that has been in existence for more than a hundred years. Only lately has the cost of the technology gone down and become affordable for home pool owners.

Sleek Pool Design

The infinity pool is the current standard for pool design, but there are other designs that are just as impressive, including knife-edge pools and beach entry. These are smart and contemporary designs that help to keep pools safe, and at the same time, look very contemporary.

Knife-edge designs build upon the infinity edge and don’t show any borders for the pool. The water just falls off the edge. Beach entry makes use of a sloping ramp extending to the water, instead of raised water’s edge. The beach entry is made of decorative stones, which extend from the dry portion around the pool down to the water. These designs are smart and elegant.

New designs coupled with intelligent maintenance systems make for improved swimming pool experience. These are not only smart, but they are also elegant and sophisticated concepts for inclusion in designing a new pool.