Varicose Vein: Causes, Risk Factors and Treatment

Varicose VeinDid you know that approximately 10% of the Australian population has varicose veins? In fact, almost half of women aged 50 and above have protruding leg veins. Hence, a procedure called varicose vein laser removal has become increasingly prevalent to reduce the size of your bulging vessels.

What Causes Varicose Veins?

Each organ in the body is composed of arteries and veins that supply and drain blood respectively. The veins are responsible for returning blood to the heart and lungs to receive oxygenation for optimal tissue function.

However, as a person ages, the vessels in the lower extremities become less elastic due to progressive loss of collagen fibres, The Vein Institute explains. As a result, the valves that regulate blood flow in your legs lose tautness, which results to immediate backflow. Blood is unable to move forward and instead, remains stagnant in the legs. Accumulation of blood and destruction of vascular structure results in varicose vein formation.

Who is at Risk for Varicose Vein Formation?

Some people have a higher risk of developing varicose veins in the legs. The most significant predisposing factor is ageing because veins are unable to stabilise blood flow in gravity-dependent areas. Pregnant women also have a higher likelihood of developing varicose veins because increased abdominal pressure may impede circulation. Blood that supplies the legs and pelvis may pool due to the compression caused by the enlarging foetus.

Other factors that increase your risk are obesity, lifestyle and positive family history of varicose veins. Recent studies show that jobs that require prolonged standing will cause the development of varicose veins at an earlier age.

How are Varicose Veins Treated?

Varicose veins are treated through laser vein removal. This procedure is currently the treatment of choice because it effectively treats superficial thrombosis with minimal effect on vessel integrity. The salt solution is injected into the compromised vessel to improve blood flow in the affected area.

Protrusion of varicose veins may alter the appearance of your legs. Thus, it is important to visit treatment centres that offer laser removal.