What Can Air Pollution Do to the Hair and Scalp?

How air pollution can affect your hair and scalp

Switzerland may mean the gorgeous Alps, but the country struggles with air pollution. Studies deem it responsible for over 4,500 deaths annually. The problem is at its worse in urban areas. In these cities, about 85% of the population is at risk of particulate matter exposure. People can inhale these pollutants and can cause serious damage to the lungs.

But even if you cannot inhale the dust, air pollution can still affect your health, including your hair and scalp.

The Impact of Pollution on Scalp and Hair Health

Hair care programmes these days vary, and some of them now focus on protecting the scalp and hair from the effects of pollution. These include Kerluxe, which offers Crystalisse line. The collection comes with a CO2 complex that shields the hair from environmental stresses.

The need for this is essential for one good reason: more studies have revealed the negative impact of air pollution on the hair and scalp.

A study conducted by a renowned hair transplant surgeon is one of them. Rajendra Singh Rajput, M.Ch, cited how those who live in metro cities tend to develop sensitive scalp syndrome.

As its name suggests, it is a condition wherein the scalp becomes sensitive to the different types of pollutants. These can include particulate matter and even volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present indoors. It can result in scalp prickling, itchiness, and the build-up of dandruff. It may also increase the oiliness of the area.

Scalp sensitivity, though, may not be the only problem. A UK study showed that it might increase the risk of male-pattern baldness. The University of London researchers believed the air could contain carcinogens and toxins. These can disrupt the biological processes that occur in the production of hair. For example, it may prevent specific proteins from doing their job.

Switzerland’s air quality has been improving over the years, but it needs more work. It also requires long-term solutions including changes in government policies. You, though, can be proactive by protecting your scalp from the ill effects of pollution.