What is the Best Way to Clean Brickwork?

a man laying bricks

Homeowners choose bricks for many reasons: they are durable, they look classy and they can withstand the harsh weather. In fact, about 90 per cent of construction in Australia use bricks not just for its beauty, but also for its insulative properties.

Namoi Valley Bricks adds that bricks can add elegance and prestige to any building project. But cleaning is essential to making sure that the material keeps your property beautiful, durable and comfortable. How do you do it? Start with the following:

Use the right cleaning solutions

Brickwork is susceptible to stains, and you can get rid of them with the right acid mixture. Note that not all mixtures work for the same stains. It is recommended that you use a professional service to do so because they will use the right techniques and products. Some solutions, like hydrochloric acid, would require the use of personal protective equipment (such as face mask, gloves, and other equipment specified in the Materials Safety Data) during application.

Do not use too much pressure

Pressure cleaners can work well in maintaining your brick walls. But the setting should not go higher than 15 litres per minute at no more than 1000 psi. Some professional cleaners may simply use stiff fibre brushes and wood scrapers. These tools prevent damage to the brickwork. If rains dirty up or muddy up your brick wall at low levels, you can use a weak cleaning solution and wash it with water. You don’t need a high-pressure cleaner to restore its rich colour.

Fix faulty roofing system

Leaking rainwater downpipes, faulty flashing and overall, a roof that needs repair needs fixing. Otherwise, your brickwork will give way to algae and lichen, especially when there is excessive moisture.

Brick walls add elegance and character to your property. But you need to maintain its beauty with the right cleaning techniques and products.