When Should You Replace Your Home Siding?

a man fixing a home siding

When was the last time you replaced your home’s siding? Or when was the last time you even thought of your siding? Can’t remember? You’re not alone. Sidings are one part of the house that most homeowners often overlook unless there’s a need to replace them because of damages.

But how would you know if your Salt Lake City home needs new sidings with the help of experts from companies like Double T. Inc? While there are no alarms or reminders to inform you, there are obvious signs around your house that you can watch out for.

Breaks and Cracks

Breaks and cracks are not only a nuisance to the eye. More often than not, they are also an indicator that something is wearing off in your home. One of the reasons walls break is because the sidings are due for changing. After all, nothing lasts forever, not even your home’s sidings.

Increasing Bills

High energy bills might be a sign of other damages in your home like your HVAC system. But if you’re sure that your HVAC is properly running, then you might want to give your siding a check. It might or might not look weary, but replacing a siding and insulation can dramatically reduce your bills especially during the winter season.

Peeling Paint

More than for aesthetic purposes, peeling paints are another sign that your sidings need replacement. Exposure to extreme temperature can weaken the sidings and cause them to retain moisture or be too dry, which, in turn, causes your house paints to crack.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is a fungus that feeds on moisture and is often a culprit for damaged sidings. If you see this in your home, then waste no time in changing your sidings before the dry rot spreads even further.

Experiencing these things in your home? Then maybe it’s time to change your sidings once and for all.