Which Pool Is Most Suitable for Your Child’s Swimming Activities?

View of a swimming pool

For your children, your pool area will be the venue for many wonderful memories and milestones: their birthday parties, reunions with their favourite cousins or even swimming lessons with their brothers and sisters.

As your children will be spending many weekends and special occasions in the pool area, it pays to put their safety first when designing your pool.

Today’s pool builders now offer various options when it comes to pool design and materials. How, then, do you decide which material and design are most safe and suitable for your child’s swimming activities? Here are some of the most popular pool materials, as well as how they fare in the child-friendly department:


If you want a custom-shaped pool or one that’s wider than 16 feet, concrete is for you. When designing children’s pools, however, you want to avoid bizarre shapes with pointy corners and instead stick to round or square-shaped ones to prevent accidents. Concrete, moreover, tends to be a bit rough, which may hurt your child’s feet.


There are many ways to customise fibreglass pool designs to make it more appealing to children. You may add, for instance, changing pool lights, for a mesmerising display when the family goes for a night dip. Fibreglass pools, moreover, are gentler to delicate feet and they are relatively easier to clean and maintain.


Vinyl is one of the top choices for pool surface, as it provides good footing. If you’re on a budget, then vinyl may be the pool for you. Take note, however, that this material tends to harbour the growth of algae and you must be careful with sharp objects, you dont want to put a hole in it do you!

Apart from the materials, it also pays to consider the depth of your pool. A child’s swimming area is usually 3.5 feet or less, to allow your little ones and neophyte swimmers to enjoy pool time without straining themselves. Ask your pool builder about installing safety features such as fences or footholds that will make your pool safer for your children.