Why Both the Young and Old Flock to Miami

Miami City captured using fisheye lens

There must be something special about Miami. It stands as one of the most popular retirement destinations for seniors while also drawing young people in droves — especially during spring break. The strong dichotomy between these two groups is a testament to the city’s allure regardless of age.

Hospitals and Clinics

Florida has more than 300 hospitals and double the number of clinics. Miami hosts a good number of these hospitals, including the famous Your Care Health Network, and it also has the most number of clinics in the state.

Several facilities specialize in treating injuries related to accidents, one of the leading reasons for hospital visits for both seniors and the twenty-something crowd.

Tax Breaks

Miami does not tax income. Seniors can retire with their pension intact if they move to Miami — regardless of their point of origin. The state of Florida does not tax public or private pension income, nor do they tax withdrawals from retirement accounts.

Fun in the Sun

The warm weather is a big draw for retirees, and that same weather gives Miami an abundance of recreational activities. Golfing, sailing or just relaxing at the beach are very popular activities. For the more daring, surfing, kayaking and snorkeling are also very popular options.

For seniors, Miami offers a multitude of activities, including cardio, Tai chi, Zumba classes and many others. Dozens of museums can be visited for free, although some of the more popular ones limit free visits to specific days.

The theater and performing arts are also very prominent with several venues offering ballet performances, classical and modern opera and popular Broadway shows.

Miami is one of the best examples of a city that can cater to both the young and old. The city has an abundance of leisure and recreational activities for the young — while also being the most tax-friendly state for seniors.