Why Cabinet Refacing is a Bad Idea

Refacing your cabinets is practical for many reasons. It’s the less disruptive and more economical way to give your kitchen a beautiful makeover. However, it’s not all roses. Cabinet refacing isn’t perfect for all situations. If you’re considering it to update the appearance of your most hardworking space, think about its undisputed disadvantages:

DIY-ing Can Be Tough

Refacing old cabinets isn’t for DIYers. It involves more than just covering the visible frames with a thin, wood-looking veneer. Its process includes the replacement of old drawer fronts and cabinet doors. Plus, you can’t master the art of veneering overnight after watching a couple of How-To YouTube videos.

On the other hand, knottyaldercabinets.com noted that buying ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets could be done properly without hiring a professional. They come with an easy-to-understand installation manual designed for average DIYers. If you do the math, you could save more money getting RTA kitchen units than refacing your current ones by avoiding the cost of labor.

No Chance to Improve Kitchen Layout

Cabinet refacing wouldn’t improve a bad kitchen design. If you’re unhappy with your space’s footprint, you’d still be unhappy after only changing the skin of your cabinetry. Sometimes, tearing out old storage units is necessary to make your kitchen more functional and stylish. Even if your existing cabinet boxes are still intact, you might have to relocate them somewhere else when it makes sense aesthetically.

Old Cabinet Boxes Are Only Going to Get Older

If your cabinets are about to lose their structural integrity in just a few years, spending your money on a mere facelift is unwise. Many prudent homeowners choose replacement over refacing when their kitchen cabinetry is beginning to show signs of aging inside and out.

Look at the big picture before you opt for cabinet refacing. It may be attractive in unique ways, but getting RTA kitchen units offers advantages you can’t ignore either.