Why IT Is an Important Career Choice in Singapore

IT Professional using his laptop

There is a growing need for IT practitioners in Singapore. As they embrace their ageing population, they start to adapt to the unique needs of people in their senior years. Healthcare, for instance, requires a technology boost to give rise to tele-health and make up for the high demand but the low number of healthcare professionals.

Here are some reasons to concentrate on IT courses if you want to thrive in Singapore:

Big Data’s Involvement in Hospital Aid

The plan is for big data to be useful in determining whether a patient needs a walking aid, or if they are ready to be discharged from a hospital. This will use sophisticated tools that analyse gait and posture, and if the best IT professionals can be involved in the project, the tool could learn about other factors that help accurately determine and address an elderly’s needs.

Remote Physician

After a person has been discharged from the hospital, they are advised to return to their regular routine slowly. They might need to do some exercises and stretches, which a remote physician can check by way of technological tools that connect a person from home to a physician at a clinic. This kind of technology will also be handy inside the hospital, as nurses can monitor the patients’ vitals from a single desk.

Refilling Prescriptions

Singapore’s health industry plans to allow for prescriptions to be filled using automation instead of relying on manual actions. This means a patient will not have to visit their physician just to have their prescription refilled. Of course, this is granted that the physician has been able to monitor their improvement up to that point; otherwise, a visit is necessary for the physician to evaluate their current health.

Singapore’s ageing population is a fact. It’s time to start thinking about their needs and how you can be useful in this setting.