Why Small Businesses in Denver Should Do Local SEO

In the United States, about 99% of enterprises are “small,” and those in Colorado are no exception. In fact, 97.6% of them are small businesses and their impact on the economy is enormous. They employ about a million people and contribute around 32% in the total export value.

Small businesses face many challenges to compete well in their industry, and this includes marketing. Fortunately, many of them are now investing in online strategies. The problem is they may be ignoring what could be a strong tactic to generate leads and increase conversions. It’s called local SEO.

Why Do Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is no different from the usual search strategies. The only significant difference is the target market. In this case, your content and campaigns will revolve around a specific location.

Local SEO for small business in Denver, for instance, provides a host of tremendous benefits. First, Google’s algorithms can home into the location. If someone living in the city searches for a shop or a service, the search engine “customizes” the results to show those that are nearest to them.

Research shows that about half of those who do local mobile search is more likely to visit the store before the day is over. More than 15% of these types of searches result in a sale within the day.

Although there are already e-commerce sites, many still shop in brick-and-mortar stores. Consumers don’t want to travel far for the things they need. On average, Americans commute for 20 minutes. The more they buy a specific item, the less time they’re willing to travel.

This kind of SEO is, therefore, one of the most effective online marketing strategies with a high conversion rate. About 24% of small businesses do not consider it essential, which may mean a huge loss of opportunity. It’s time to go where the customers go and bring your business much closer to it.