Your Options for Bare-Foot-Friendly Pool Deck Material

For a long time, contractors have made pool decks of poured concrete. However, the trend has been changing with more people seeking better-looking and easy-to-maintain options. When looking to remodel your pool, you may want to consider switching to a better material.

A pool service for repairing a concrete deck in Rockwall might cost more than a full system overhaul. Good decking material will not only resist absorbing excess heat, but it will also be easy on feet. It could also be wise to stay clear of slippery material to reduce the chances of accidents. What material options have you then?

1. Unglazed tile

When it comes to tiles, a glaze is a substance. Unglazed tiles do not have a glossy finish — they are merely clay tiles fired in a kiln. This means that even when they are wet, they will not be slippery. One can press natural pigments in the tiles to create unique designs.

2. Wood

Exotic hardwoods, such as Ipe, have become a go-to material in building modern pools. If you are going for a natural feeling for your pool, wood is excellent as it contrasts the many industrial materials used.

However, wood requires a lot of maintenance. You will have to get it regularly refinished for it to maintain color and uniformity.

3. Brick

While brick is not as popular now as it was a century ago, it remains an excellent replacement for concrete. It is especially commendable if your home has a historical or traditional feel. The brick becomes a unique architectural element. It is also easy on the feet.

Rather than the difficulties in repairing concrete, it also absorbs a lot of heat, making it difficult to walk on. When deciding on the materials used in improving your pool, bear in mind the color options that you will have. As a protip, go for light colors — they are comfortable on feet because they reflect light.